Day 13: A Confession


Breakfast was strawberry overnight oats. I liked them better than the overnight oats from last week + I added a little extra honey and some vanilla essence to the yogurt. Even so, I don’t think I would make this again because the oats are still a little too bland for me.

Confession time: this morning I may have stopped by a hot fries stand. I only had one fry, but the entire time I was thinking about the roasted eggplant/chickpea salad that I had a few days ago. I love fries, but the one fry wasn’t really THAT good. One thing this challenge has shown me is that there are a few foods that taste really good (roasted eggplant) and happen to be good for you. Key word: FEW. I’m determined to find these foods so that I can enjoy delicious food guilt free 🙂


Lunch was a quinoa, beet, and arugula salad. I didn’t really like it. The only good thing about this salad was the balsamic vinegar. It kind of reminded me of the roasted eggplant/chickpea salad from a few days ago.


The afternoon snack was carrots and hummus. I always like carrots and hummus.


Dinner was lettuce wraps. I didn’t really like them. The shrimp and tamari sauce were good, but it was a little hard to eat and just wasn’t worth it for me.

The afternoon snack was apples and honey (not pictured). Who doesn’t like apples and honey?

Final thoughts: One more day of this! I’m planning on making my own meal plan for the next week starting Sunday. It’ll incorporate some of the recipes I liked from this challenge and other healthy recipes that I’ve come across.