Day 12: Peanut Day


Breakfast was a yogurt parfait. I made it once before last week, but this time I added some honey and vanilla extract to the yogurt to sweeten it up a bit. This time around, it tasted much better (mostly because of the sweetened yogurt, but also because I remembered to layer it this time).


Lunch was leftover chilli. Like most chilli, leftover chilli > freshly made chilli. I still probably wouldn’t make it again though because it wasn’t rich enough (I think that there were too many vegetables in it).

The afternoon snack was pears and peanuts (not pictured). I liked it, but I like pears and almond butter better.


Dinner was fish with bok choy and peanuts. I didn’t particularly like it. First of all, the recipe had some mistakes. The pictures showed lemons, but the recipe didn’t mention anything about lemon. I added some lemon slices as shown in the picture. In addition, it took more like 30 minutes, not 18 minutes, to cook the fish and steam the vegetables. The tamari sauce was good, but I didn’t think there was enough of it.

The night snack was hot chocolate (not pictured). I decided to make it using a different recipe. I liked it a little better than the buzzfeed version because it’s a bit sweeter. It has about the same amount of calories.

Final thoughts: I probably wouldn’t make any of today’s dishes again. 2 more days of the challenge! All I can think of is what I’m going to eat on Sunday 🙂


Day 6: Vegetarian Chilli


Breakfast was a mango pistachio “pudding.” I don’t think mine set properly because it tasted more like a dessert soup.  The flavours were good, but the texture was pretty unappealing.


Lunch was a a salmon salad using the leftover salmon from last night. It was the best meal of the day. The dressing (dijon mustard, olive oil, lemon…) was especially delicious. The only thing I didn’t like about this dish was the arugula because I don’t particularly like arugula.


The afternoon snack was vegetables and hummus. We were supposed to use carrots and cucumbers but we didn’t have any left so we used cucumbers and celery. Hummus tastes way better with carrots.


Dinner was “chilli” with a side of zucchini strips. When I think of chilli, the words wholesome and hearty come to mind. This chilli wasn’t either. Although it looks really pretty, it tasted like a bunch of vegetable tossed into a bowl and heated for an hour. I don’t know if I would ever enjoy a chilli without beef in it. The zucchini strips weren’t particularly great either. I prefer to have zucchini coated in lemon and salt and fried. Speaking of lemon, the recipe didn’t state how much lemon to put in the yogurt, so I put the juice of a whole lemon in (I make two portions of everything) and it didn’t taste too lemony. The yogurt didn’t really taste like anything except… yogurt.


The night snack was blackberries and pistachios. Not much to say here.

Final thoughts: today’s food was pretty underwhelming. I was really looking forward to the pudding and the chilli and I didn’t particularly enjoy either of them. I was also really excited for tomorrow’s menu, so hopefully it will not be such a letdown.