Dan+Shay Obsessed Review


I started listening to Dan+Shay’s debut album (Where it All Began) late last year and have been waiting for their second release for a while. I loved the first album and the promo singles for this one, so I had pretty high expectations.

Here is my (brief) track by track review:

1. All Nighter

Good song. High energy. I can imagine driving to this one.

2. Road Trippin’

Another driving song. I love the ad libs on this one. Nice visual.

3. From the Ground Up

This was the first single. I love this one. A little slower but still good. Seems like a good wedding song (Bieber agrees).

4. Already Ready

I didn’t like this one when they first released it as a single but it’s really grown on me. One of my faves from the album. On repeat. I would’ve preferred if they had a girl co-star in this video considering the whole idea of the song.

5. How Not To

To me this was the equivalent to I Heard Goodbye (from the first album) a.k.a. the sad break-up song, except I liked this one a lot more than I Heard Goodbye. I was definitely not expecting an interpretive dance video from Dan+Shay, but it worked really well and I really liked it!

6. Lipstick

First of all, the start of this song sounds a lot like N*Sync’s God must have spent a little more time on you

Compare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fxh7jAJR8U

Another slower song. I like the idea behind this one. Definitely not what I would expect it to be about considering the title.

7. Round the Clock

Another solid uptempo song. This one could have been a single too.

Favourite (British spelling) line: T-shirt and coffee, girl you already got me

8. Lately

I really like this one. Classic country love song. Show You Off/ Nothin’ Like You vibes. This one could have been a single too.

9. Sway

Another slow song. Good for when the night is dying down. I can imagine this playing at a BBQ.

10. Obsessed

This one is my favourite. The trumpets work really well. I’ve been listening to this one since its release as a single and I still have it on rotation. I liked the video for this one too.

Overall: Another solid album from Dan + Shay. You can definitely listen to this one all the way through.

It’s still release day, so I’ll add a bit after listening to the album more.

Top 3 tracks: Obsessed, Already Ready, Lately

Listen on Spotify below: