Day 14: It’s Over!


Breakfast was a scallion and feta omelet. I liked it, but not as much as last time. This time around I managed to flip it without breaking up the entire omelet 🙂


Lunch was mushroom caps with tomato and feta. I didn’t like it at all. More importantly, my stomach didn’t like it at all. In addition, it was very messy to eat.


The afternoon snack was apple slices with almond butter. I liked it, but I like pears and almond butter better.


Dinner was a chicken stir fry. I didn’t like it that much, but I don’t generally like stir fry.

The night snack was dark chocolate and I love my dark chocolate.

Final thoughts: I’m so glad this is over!


Day 11: The Baby Food Diet


Breakfast was a kale and banana smoothie. I didn’t like it as much as last time, but once again, it was my favourite meal of the day.


Lunch was tuna salad wraps. I didn’t really like them and it wasn’t the most portable meal of all time since the lettuce had to be stored separately until lunch time.

The afternoon snack was a banana and avocado “pudding.” I might have liked it more if I hadn’t eaten a smoothie for breakfast. It tasted like baby food; pretty bland, a little sweet.


Dinner was a salad. I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I wasn’t very hungry tonight, but i wouldn’t choose to eat this as a dinner meal. It seemed more like an appetizer salad; maybe a lunch salad but even that is pushing it.

The night snack was dark chocolate. I love dark chocolate, but there has been a lot of sweet food today, so it wasn’t especially exciting.

Final thoughts: I’m kind of getting tired of this whole challenge… 3 more days…

Day 7: Tomato Sauce


Breakfast (poached eggs and steamed asparagus) was pretty horrible. It took over an hour to make and wasn’t worth the wait… at all. I’ve never made poached eggs or asparagus (except for the shaved asparagus salad earlier this week) before and it turns out I don’t like either. I’m also really bad at poaching eggs (the water got super cloudy and parts of egg got lost in the whirlpool… I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen). In summation, breakfast was a total fail.

photo 1-2

Lunch (bean salad) was just as bad as breakfast. The only good thing about this salad was the tomato and feta. There’s a reason why most people don’t eat raw green onions… they burn on the way down. Not a pleasant feeling. I also thought that there weren’t nearly enough beans in it.

The afternoon snack was a tangerine and some almonds. Nothing really to say about that.

photo 2-2

Despite the morning’s unpleasantries, dinner (turkey meatballs on collard greens) was AMAZING. It was by far the best dish in this challenge so far. My brother said he would order it at a restaurant. The star of the dish is the tomato sauce which was super tasty and way better than any store bought tomato sauce I’ve ever had. I definitely plan on making this again after the challenge. The only downside of this meal is that it took over an hour to make. Luckily we have some leftovers for tomorrow and later this week. This meal was also the first time I’ve ever had collard greens and I have to say… I don’t get it. What is the big fuss over collard greens? They don’t really have much of a taste and although their texture is completely different, they’re a lot like Kale. Apparently some people think they’re good enough to make a song about them (I’m thinking of you Schoolboy Q).

photo 3-2

The night snack was dark chocolate! One of my favourite snacks of all time. I love 90% Lindt chocolate. If you’re a beginner to dark chocolate, I would recommend starting with 70% but if that’s starting to taste too sweet, I’d increase your %.

Final thoughts: today I had some of the best (dinner) and worst (breakfast and lunch) meals of the challenge. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a week! It feels like much longer. I’ve learn’t how to make 7 new breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and although I didn’t enjoy all of them, I absolutely plan on making some of them again in the future. During the next week, I’d like to learn more recipes and try out more new foods. Hopefully the next weeks’ meals are more consistently good.