Day 13: A Confession


Breakfast was strawberry overnight oats. I liked them better than the overnight oats from last week + I added a little extra honey and some vanilla essence to the yogurt. Even so, I don’t think I would make this again because the oats are still a little too bland for me.

Confession time: this morning I may have stopped by a hot fries stand. I only had one fry, but the entire time I was thinking about the roasted eggplant/chickpea salad that I had a few days ago. I love fries, but the one fry wasn’t really THAT good. One thing this challenge has shown me is that there are a few foods that taste really good (roasted eggplant) and happen to be good for you. Key word: FEW. I’m determined to find these foods so that I can enjoy delicious food guilt free 🙂


Lunch was a quinoa, beet, and arugula salad. I didn’t really like it. The only good thing about this salad was the balsamic vinegar. It kind of reminded me of the roasted eggplant/chickpea salad from a few days ago.


The afternoon snack was carrots and hummus. I always like carrots and hummus.


Dinner was lettuce wraps. I didn’t really like them. The shrimp and tamari sauce were good, but it was a little hard to eat and just wasn’t worth it for me.

The afternoon snack was apples and honey (not pictured). Who doesn’t like apples and honey?

Final thoughts: One more day of this! I’m planning on making my own meal plan for the next week starting Sunday. It’ll incorporate some of the recipes I liked from this challenge and other healthy recipes that I’ve come across.


Day 2: Dinner on a Baking Sheet

photo 1

Breakfast was some kind of yogurt berry granola mix. It was nice that it was prepared the day before so i could just wake up and eat it, but I didn’t especially like the taste. I don’t think I would make it again, but if I did I would probably use vanilla flavoured greek yogurt to sweeten it up because it was pretty bland.

photo 2

Lunch was surprisingly good. I made it this morning and it only took about 10 minutes because most of the ingredients were leftovers. I tasted the raw fennel when I was cutting it and didn’t really like the licorice taste, but in the salad it tasted completely different mixed in with everything else and it was quite enjoyable. For anyone trying this out that has never cut fennel before (like me), I found this link to be pretty useful:

photo 3

I really enjoyed the afternoon snack (tomato, basil and feta with balsamic vinegar). I don’t know if I’ve ever had fresh basil before, but after this salad, I can definitely see it’s worth.

photo 4

Dinner was HUGE. It consisted of 4 lettuce wraps and a side salad. I needed to eat them off a baking sheet because… what else fits 4 large pieces of lettuce? It took about an hour to prepare (although we probably could have been much faster), but it was definitely worth it, although in my opinion, the side salad was pretty unnecessary. Something about mixing the mango, avocado, and lime vinaigrette really worked and I would definitely make these wraps again.

The night snack was 2 clementines. There isn’t much to say about that. I would have preferred a different snack right before bed because that’s a lot of acid right before you sleep and it definitely upset my stomach.

Final thoughts: I still think that it’s just too time consuming to make these meals. Part of the time sink involves doing the dishes… get it 😉 This is because often times, a lot of the same equipment needs to be used for the same recipe/ for recipes on the same day, so there isn’t enough time to wash that stuff in the dishwasher. The vegetables also produce a lot of waste in terms of packaging and parts that can’t be eaten, meaning that I have to change the garbage a lot more than usual. Tomorrow I’m going to figure out a way to speed everything up a lot more. I’m really looking forward to the hot chocolate nighttime snack. I hope it doesn’t let me down.